MacBurgers Job Application Test


MacBurgers is the foremost restaurant chain in England, Europe, and the world.

MacBurgers' success and reputation are based upon its constant striving for quality: quality of ingredients; quality of service, cleanliness, speed and the high calibre of its employees.

The primary asset of MacBurgers and the main cause of its success is its workforce. MacBurgers welcomes your interest in joining a highly motivated and successful team.

It is important that MacBurgers' employees:

Because of these responsibilities, it is essential that employees should be of high mental calibre, and the following test should assist our human resources staff in forming a judgement on your suitability.


  1. Attempt to answer all the questions.
  2. The time allowed is 1 hour.
  3. Extra marks will be given for correct answers.

Good luck !


1. What language is spoken by a Frenchman?
2. Give five important characteristics of the ancient Babylonian empire with particular reference to the architecture, literature and language;


Name the person who wrote Beethoven's 9th symphony.

3. What religion is the Pope? Jewish
Roman Catholic
4. For what is William Shakespeare famous? Building Bridges
Leading an army
Discovering foreign lands
Writing plays
Insulting behaviour
Playing football
5. From what metal is a gold sovereign made?
6. What is the time when the big hand is on twelve and the little hand is on three?
7. Approximately how many commandments were given to Moses?

(Answers to the nearest 10 will be considered correct)

8. Spell   M I L L E N N I U M   and   C O N S T A N T I N O P L E.

9. Of what country is the Queen of England queen?
10. What are the people from the North of England called? Westerners
Total dick-heads
11. Six kings of England were called George.
The last was called George VI.
Name the first five.
12. Who won the second world war?


Who came second?

13. Where does rain come from? Supermarkets
The U.S.A.
The Sky
The hole in the roof
The weather forecaster
14. Who invented Stephenson's Rocket (the first railway locomotive)? Guy Fawkes
Isaac Newton
George Stephenson
Yuri Gagarin
15. Can you explain Einstein's theory of general relativity and the distorion of the space-time continuum? No
16. What is the purpose of a coat hanger?
17. Whose statue is on the top of Nelson's column in Trafalgar Square in London?
18. At what time is the 10 o'clock News?
19. Where is the basement in a three storey building?
20. Explain Le Chatelier's principal of dynamic equilibrium;


Write your name in capitals (BIG LETTERS).

Thank you for taking part.

Please hand in your completed sheet and collect your uniform as you leave.

You may start immediately.