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Development Management

I am a successful development manager with 11 years experience at Reuters, a truly world-class company and a leader in financial applications and services. I am competent with business planning, expenditure and revenue reporting, human resource planning/management, and man-time/productivity monitoring. I have been responsible for multidisciplinary teams working in different countries: London, California, and Toronto.

Project Management

I have a proven track record of successfully managing multiple projects to deliver what is required, when it is required, to the required standard and within the agreed costs. I ensure that what is delivered is marketable, usable, installable and can be fully supported throughout its intended life. I have managed projects in the million pound bracket and received commendations for my work. I have good experience in business analysis, product specification and technical specifications.

Team Motivation

I can motivate staff appropriately to achieve the company's goals. Indeed, proper team motivation through inclusive methods can make the management of development projects so much easier! I have experience of managing multi-disciplinary and geographically dispersed development teams, both internal and external.


I am competent at communicating both verbally and in writing at many levels. I am effective when dealing with a bank's senior executives and when dealing with internal and external developers. I can be personable and also authorative as circumstances require. I have extensive experience in customer-facing roles and I am able to build confidence and lasting relationships.

Technical Skills

I have extensive experience using MS Windows desk-top environment connected to Solaris (Sun) servers used in the trading sector and the technologies used for real-time information, secure message-based applications and high-value Internet transactions. I have myself several years of hands-on experience in building applications, most recently in secure Internet foreign exchange transactions. I am familiar with object modelling tools such as UML and I have extensive experience using formal structured methods for design, planning, testing and release, principally Reuters' own all-encompassing life-cycle system: QSP. I am qualified in PRINCE2.

Trading Environment

I have many years of experience in the development of trading products for Reuters where I worked with high value foreign exchange trading and Eurobonds & Gilts issues for major investment banks together with the linkages to mid and back-office systems.

Internet Skills

I am familiar with web and Internet technologies and have practical experience of building real, commercial E-trading applications using current technologies (HTML-DHTML, JavaScript, Java Servlets, Apache iPlanet and MS-IIS web-servers) and strong authentification and non-repudiation techniques.


I have excellent references and testimonials.